Eye Surgery Program

Dr. Miramontes examines a patient

The Gift of Vision!


Imagine not being able to learn or to read or to work or to care for yourself because you cannot see!

For families of very limited means there is no money to pay for eye surgery to correct cataracts, cross-eyedness or other vision problems. Children in need of eye surgery who cannot focus their vision cannot learn to read. Adults cannot achieve employment.


Through our Rotary Club, candidates for corrective eye surgery are identified through referral from local communities, and also through DIF, the National System for Integral Family Development.


Club Member, Dr. Jaime Miramontes, opthalmologist, donates his time to perform the surgeries.

The most common surgeries which are performed by Dr. Miramontes are for correction of vision damaged by cataracts and also, to correct vision for cross-eyes (strabismus). Occasionally there are other needs (placement of a prosthetic eye, for example) and Dr. Miramontes will review patients and make the decision as to those in the greatest need, both medically and financially.


As regards the costs for the surgeries, Dr. Miramontes is a member of the CMQ Premiere Hospital here in Puerto Vallarta and over the years of performing the eye surgeries under the PV Sur Rotary program, he receives a great deal of support from the hospital. He is often able to perform a surgery for a cost between $750 USD and $1,000 USD. Dr. Miramontes very generously donates his time, skill and expertise, but there are the costs associated with the hospital, supplies, anaesthesiology, nursing staff, and so forth.


There is a continual need for funding for this program. The Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur does hold fund-raising events however, the demand for surgeries outweighs the resources of the Club. In the past, surgeries have been funded by donations from individuals and Rotary Clubs, as well as through the Rotary International Matching/Global Grant process.


Annually, on average, 30 to 50 eye surgeries are performed under this program.


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