Donate Items to Our Programs!

In addition to financial support, there is an ongoing need for items for our various programs. Visitors can bring items to donate or purchase items in Puerto Vallarta should they so choose.


The following list provides examples of items which are needed:

  • Used Laptop Computers – each visitor to Mexico is allowed to bring one laptop computer duty-free to Mexico. The laptops are donated to the Community Education Programs and to Becas Students in need. Computers are checked for functionality and loaded with necessary programs locally.
  • Used Musical Instruments – each visitor to Mexico is allowed to bring one musical instrument duty-free to Mexico. The instruments are donated to the UNIVA and other community music programs.
  • Gently Used Sports Equipment – for use in the Community Education Programs.
  • School Supplies – supplies for both teachers and students are continually needed for the Community Education Programs. Donations of gently used books are also welcome!
  • Clean, Gently Used Clothing and Shoes – are donated to the families of Colonia Magisterio. If you are bringing shoes, please ensure that the soles are free from dirt, grasses and seeds as these are not permitted into Mexico.


Mexican Customs will allow visitors to bring into Mexico donated items of a “reasonable” quantity. We recommend not more than one suitcase per party traveling. Should you have any questions regarding donating items to our various programs, please Contact Us.

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Humanitarian Donations Can Fly For Free!!


If you are flying with Westjet from Canada to Puerto Vallarta, your suitcase full of items for Humanitarian Aid will fly for free!

We have had the occasional visitor tell us that Westjet requested a letter from the organisation which receives the donation, so if you do require a letter please contact us. The following is from Westjet’s website but check directly with Westjet if you have any questions or concerns.

WestJet will accept one piece of baggage containing humanitarian aid per guest with the following restrictions:

  • The flight must be departing from Canada;
  • The humanitarian aid items must be packed separately from your belongings;
  • The baggage item must not exceed the checked baggage allowance for  the aircraft you will be travelling on, or the amount permitted to your  intended destination;
  • Baggage which exceeds the standard size and weight allowances will be charged the applicable overweight and oversized bag fees“.