Water Purification Plants


Many of the communities around Puerto Vallarta do not have access to the municipal water treatment and delivery system. The residents in these communities either have to drink whatever water is provided to them via local rivers or other natural sources, or they have to pay to have potable water delivered to their location.


Many of these communities are rural and poor. During the rainy season (June to October) often the dirt roads become impassable. The cost of water per 19 litre/4 gallon jug is approximately 28 pesos. The average wage is less than 50 pesos per day. 


The cost of buying water, when it can be delivered, is therefore a substantial part of one’s earnings, provided they are able to earn a wage. Also, gastro-intestinal illnesses caused by the water available in local rivers and streams also prevent children from attending school to achieve an education (education allows them to break the cycle of poverty) and prevents adults from attending to income-earning activities.

Water purification plants are installed in school yards of these communities giving students access to clean, safe drinking water during the day via drinking fountains. Members of the community can also come to fill their water jugs from a hose assembly, at no cost to them. The Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur works in conjunction with the Municipality which provides the infrastructure for the water purification plant, and the concrete pad.


To date, 8 water purificiation plants have been installed in communities around Puerto Vallarta with the most recent installation in January 2018.  These installations have been done through 3 separate Rotary International Global Grants. The cost of a water purification plant is approximately $6,500 USD.


The following communities have received the benefit of clean, safe drinking water:

  • El Cantón – Municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Approximately 340 residents.
  • El Colorado -Municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Approximately 1,025 residents.
  • Los Llanitos -Municipality of Talpa de Allende. Approximately 115 residents.
  • Santa Cruz de Quelitán -Municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Approximately 150 residents.
  • El Ranchito – Municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Approximately 1,255 residents.
  • El Zancudo –  Municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Approximately 550 residents.
  • Tebelchia –  Municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Approximately 540 residents.
  • Las Mesas – Municipality of Talpa de Allende. Approximately 60 residents.

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